Product details

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Rock-on-a-Roll is available in three colors - sandstone brown, cobblestone and slate gray.

Sandstone brown Rock-on-a-Roll close-up

This side-lit photo of a brown roll shows the texture that is so important for making Rock-on-a-Roll look like natural stone.

Texture of Rock-on-a-Roll

The warmer Rock-on-a-Roll is, the more flexible it is. Lay it in the sun for a short while and it may achieve an almost rubber-like flexibility. Even when it is not warm, it is flexible enough to wrap around a pencil.

Size and weight
A standard roll is eight feet long by about 34" wide. Standard length rolls are always in stock.

We can also fabricate rolls in lengths that are multiples of 8 feet, up to 40 feet. The cost is the same as the equal number of standard rolls. Fabrication can take up to a week, though we usually get them made and shipped within a few days. There is a link on the buy online page to order the longer rolls.

The thickness of Rock-on-a-Roll varies somewhat, but it is about the same thickness as pond liner. A standard roll weighs about 5 pounds.

Where to use Rock-on-a-Roll
A pond's bottom will become natural looking on its own over time, so Rock-on-a-Roll isn't usually needed there. It's the sides of the pond (and streams) that often present a challenge. Stacking rocks may be difficult, expensive and unstable, and that is what Rock-on-a-Roll is really designed to help with.

Installing Rock-on-a-Roll

Rock-on-a-Roll is designed for water gardens

Your satisfaction is guaranteed
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of Rock-on-a-Roll, you may return it at our expense, regardless of its condition.